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Education can be so much more

The Alternative Education is dedicated to helping students with special needs, and even those without, achieve their greatest potential. Our tutors have years of experiences and various post-graduate certification on Specific Learning Differences and are committed in unlocking your child’s innate abilities. Here


Our tutors have had decades of experiences between the lot of them and are fun, friendly, and fantastic at their jobs.


Our resident writer pens some articles every now and then about the latest developments in education.


Here are some fun worksheets to help your child.

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From a Senior Occupational Therapist to a Music Teacher offering a bespoke curriculum to ASD children, we have a suite of partners that might just meet your needs.

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Tutoring Services

These are the services we provide, from pre-school all the way up to secondary school.


Here are seminars suitable for both parents and educators, held either physically, or digitally.

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Our articles have been published at Singapore Motherhood, Kiasu Parents, and Kids & Parenting.


These are some nice things parents have said about us.

Recommended Books

These are some books that we found helpful for us as educators.

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“We are very appreciative of how patient you have been for both our sons. And the difference you have made to setting their foundation strong for Maths.”

Margaret and Arthur, parents of P3 and P6 boys

Rachel is someone who is patient, helpful, trustworthy and accommodative to my child’s needs. Thanks for your help and I would highly recommend those who would like to engage her services

Lilys Amirah, mother to a 8 year-old son with dyslexia


The Alternative Education was established in 2017 to help students to unlock their innate potential when more traditional forms of education or tutoring might have not been able to do so.

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