Rachel Tan is the founder of The Alternative Education and was a former Senior Educational Therapist with the Dyslexia Association of Singapore and has 7 years of experience working with children with special needs ranging from dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger’s, Speech and Language Impairment and autism.

She has a Postgraduate Certificate in Specific Learning Differences from the London Metropolitan University to equip her to understand and teach students with special needs. In addition, she has also obtained a Professional Certificate in Numeracy Support from the Dyslexia Association of Singapore that gave her the ability to apply multi-sensory methods of learning for kids with dyslexia.

Her informative articles on dyslexia have been published on popular online publications such as Kiasu Parents, Singapore Motherhood, and Kids & Parenting respectively.

She has a network of special needs tutors who are dedicated to helping your child.

As education in Singapore proceeds at a breakneck speed, it disadvantages students with special needs.

As such, we aim to help preschoolers and primary school students learn in a fun and engaging way. Also we seek break down difficult concepts in English, Mathematics and Science for secondary school students.

Our tutors have been thoroughly trained at the Dyslexia Association of Singapore and are highly qualified to help your child achieve his or her full potential.