Helping Autistic Kids Using Music & The Radiant Spectrum

The Radiant Spectrum was set up by Samantha Soh, a music teacher with more than 10 years of experience teaching music, with the last 2 years focusing on special needs children.

She’s worked with kids on who are non-verbal, selectively mute, who have attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and also those who are on the autism spectrum.

Due to a gap in the market, she’s specially come up with her own curriculum catered specifically to students on the autism spectrum based on her interactions with her students.

She takes students as young at 4 years old to old as 17 years old and adapts the lesson based on their interests and behaviour patterns.

It might take some time, and persistence on both the teacher’s and student’s part, but her methods have worked brilliantly. Glowing testimonials from parents attest to the good work she has done with their children.

Here’s an example:

“Samantha has been patient with my son and gently guided him on his piano journey. She is accommodating and let’s my son take the lead in the lesson. She pushes him to learn new things and take on new challenges without overwhelming him which causes him to have meltdowns.”

Samantha is now also conducting lessons online.

Do contact her to find out more about her classes or to ask her any questions you might have that was not covered in this article.

Happy playing!

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