Teaching the ADHD child

Children diagnosed with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often have short attention spans which makes it hard for them to stay still in a traditional classrooms. I’ve had many parents tell me about how they keep receiving phone calls from teachers who complained that their child isn’t paying attention in class and being disruptive.

Having taught many students with ADHD, I have discovered some techniques that work well with these kids.

A great way to incorporate a perennially effective method would be through the use of games. By simply turning questions in an assessment book into a game-like format (as shown in the picture below), I managed to motivate one of my students into completing three times as many questions as before. Having him mindlessly going through assessment books won’t help as his interest wasn’t sustained.


One-to-one sessions usually help because attention is given to them and the teacher or tutor is able to modify the task at hand to sustain the interest of the child. When I sense that my student is switching off, I often tend to change what we are doing in order to ensure that he or she remains interested in the activity.

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